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China Commercial (Zhengzhou) Law Firm is a comprehensive law firm specializing in construction engineering, real estate development, corporate operation and governance, non-performing asset legal services, financial legal services, government legal advisory services, bankruptcy reorganization legal services, domestic capital markets and securities (IPO), criminal law and corporate compliance, and government special bond issuance.

It is located at 19/F, Yufa Center, Enterprise Union Building, Longzihu Finance Island, Zhengdong New Area, with a superior geographical location. The Branch boasts a fully functional and well-equipped office area spanning over 1,400 square meters. This space is designed to offer partners, lawyers, and clients an elegant and comfortable working environment. It gathers a large number of experienced and outstanding professional lawyers in the fields of financial legal services, non-performing asset legal services, construction engineering, real estate, criminal law, domestic capital markets and securities (IPO), intellectual property and other legal services. China Commercial (Zhengzhou) Law Firm is a professional and comprehensive law firm committed to providing clients with high-end, refined and professional services while meeting their other needs, so as to drive its services to create value!

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R/1901, Block 1, No. 238 Mingli Road, Zhengdong New District, Zhengzhou, Henan Province
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