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China Commercial (Quanzhou) Law Firm is located at 30/F, Feili Center Building, No. 72, Daxing Street, Fengze District, Quanzhou, Fujian Province, with a beautiful office environment. Quanzhou Branch has nearly 30 employees, including multiple legal professionals with rich practice experience and profound theoretical knowledge. There are multiple highly professional legal affairs departments for different business sectors. Legal service offerings of the Branch encompass compliance, customs, foreign-related matters, the Belt and Road Initiative, services for the Greater Bay Area, corporate operation and governance, real estate and construction engineering, non-performing asset disposal, finance, the medicine and health industry, arbitration and mediation, litigation legal services, criminal legal services, government legal advisory, intellectual property, and more. The Branch is actively exploring new management models, creating innovative service approaches, and incorporating new talent, primarily to develop new business avenues. This strategic initiative aims for continuous growth, providing clients with professional, efficient, and high-quality legal services across all facets.

The establishment of Quanzhou Branch is a crucial step for China Commercial Law Firm to extend its reach into the Southeast region and advance its globalization strategy. Taking advantage of Fujian’s pivotal role as a “Core Area of the Maritime Silk Road,” the Branch aims to offer robust legal services to support the realization of the vision for a “Famous City of Maritime Silk Road, Strong City of Smart Manufacturing, and Quality Quanzhou.” It is committed to contributing to the development of Quanzhou, the progress of Fujian, and the promotion of the rule of law throughout China!

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30/F, Feili Center Building, No. 72, Daxing Street, Fengze District, Quanzhou, Fujian Province
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