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China Commercial (Shantou) Law Firm was established in August 2017, with its registered address located at 2/F, North Gate, Haifu Building, Chaoyangzhuang, Longhu District, Shantou. It covers an area of over 400 square meters. The Shantou Branch, with the full support of the headquarters, fully utilizes its geographical, local, and talent experience advantages. Positioned as a professional and comprehensive law firm, it serves the eastern Guangdong region. Shenzhen Headquarters has appointed more than ten lawyers with rich experience in various legal service fields to form a Case Coordination Committee. The head of the headquarters personally serves as the director of the committee, assisting Shantou Branch in carrying out business activities. China Commercial (Shantou) Law Firm adheres to the tenet of “Lawyers uphold justice, and the law creates value,” and provides efficient, high-quality, and professional legal services to various government agencies, enterprises, and institutions.

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2/F, North Gate, Haifu Building, Chaoyangzhuang, Longhu District, Shantou, Guangdong Province
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