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China Commercial Anthony Siu (Haikou) Associate Law Firm

China Commercial Anthony Siu (Haikou) Associate Law Firm is located at Windows to Global Trade Building in Haikou. It was jointly established by China Commercial Law Firm and Hong Kong Anthony Siu Law Firm, and is China’s first Hainan-Hong Kong associate law firm. Its establishment is of milestone significance.

Hong Kong Anthony Siu Law Firm, its Hong Kong partner, is a highly active and influential law firm in Hong Kong, China. Its lawyers are all elites graduated from renowned universities in the UK and Hong Kong, and have worked and trained at major law firms in Hong Kong.

It has over 30 senior practicing lawyers and team members, including 4 Hong Kong lawyers, nearly 20 Master’s Degree holders, 6 doctoral and postdoctoral fellows, 6 with overseas educational backgrounds, and 4 with overseas practice experience, all of whom are senior barristers.

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R2602, 26/F, Windows to Global Trade Building, No. 15A, Guoxing Avenue, Haikou, Hainan Province
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